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Hello! If you've landed here today, it is by no mistake. I appreciate how valuable your time is and I hope you will take a few minutes to browse this site. We are in major redevelopment and redesign, with a new site coming in the next few months. Storyteller Tina Proctor and I have many new and exciting programs we are launching, as well as old favorites we are still offering. Isn't expansion marvelous? We look forward to sharing ours with you, so we can help you with yours! So be sure to push the "sign up for our ezine" button on the right. Until then, you will find basic information here for Wild Success 4 You, Inc, Inlightened Source Publishing, Ophelia's Oracle, and author/speaker Donna DeNomme. And if you don't easily find what you need, give me a call. I would love to hear from you!

May your days be tame and your Success Wild . . . .

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Master Success Coach, Donna DeNomme, offers private client sessions, creativity sessions, group coaching,  workshops, classes, and retreats.   303-271-0510

Peace Day 2014 - September 20th

UN International Day of Peace Celebration
16th Street Mall
Informational Booths, Music, and Merriment for Peace!
Open and Free! $5 Parking on 15th street

Donna is presenting (briefly) on Personal Peace at 1:50! for more info


8 Keys to Wholeness: Tools for Hope-Filled Healing

NEW Release!!

Already recognized as a FINALIST in both the 2014 Indie Excellence Book Awards and the 2014 International Book Awards
and an Amazon Best-Seller!


Ask for 8 Keys to Wholeness at your local independent bookstore or email Donna to order:

“Donna has written a powerful, authentic, vulnerable and courageous book. If you have ever experienced pain, this is an incredible way to support your healing.” —Cynthia James, teacher, author of What Will Set You Free
“Donna DeNomme has pulled out all of the stops! This book is filled with deep soul truths, shamanic wisdom, practical insights, and healing practices. What a gem!” —Dianne Fresquez, owner of For Heaven’s Sake Books
“I haven't had experience of abuse so I was quite surprised that 8 Keys has such a universal message. It goes way beyond physical abuse and encourages readers to address anything in their lives that blocks living a full and positive life, without blame. With so many insights and deep wisdom, it's a truly worthwhile read.”
—Susan Andra Lion, award-winning graphic designer and illustrator, author of How the Trees Got Their Voices
"I felt swept up and fully engaged . . . . This book shares from a deeply personal perspective of healing and awakening, while also offering useful tools and practices designed for clearing old patterns, and bringing balance and restoration to our daily lives."
—Carl Studna - Photographer & Author of CLICK! Choosing Love, One Frame at a Time. 
“This is a stunning piece of work!” —Karen Stuth, founder and publisher at Satiama
"Donna DeNomme's honesty and insight will open the soul and guide the heart through the hard walk to wholeness. She dares to speak a truth that will liberate so many others who will know they are not walking alone, and her keys will illuminate their path."
—Fawn Germer, international speaker and best-selling author of Hard Won Wisdom
“This is the type of experience that lingers and teaches beyond the time and the space in which it was presented.  The work that you do happens on so many other levels, not just in the intellect . . . the bargain is that people have an opportunity to get infinitesimally more than they came for.”
—Rev. Mary Jo Honiotes, Spiritual Director at Center for Spiritual Living: Denver
“Donna DeNomme is a gifted writer and powerful spiritual practitioner. Her book, 8 Keys to Wholeness – Tools for Hope-Filled Healing, provides inspiration and clear direction for self-discovery, comfort, and true transformation. Her compassion and her connection with Spirit make her a tremendous blessing and an inspiration for moving through trauma and moving forward in life. Read it, share it with others, and enjoy more of the great life you deserve.” —Dr. Roger Teel, Spiritual Leader, Mile Hi Church, Denver, Colorado
“Donna’s experience and expertise sheds light on multi-dimensional healing—working from the heart center, yet radiating through all the chakras. Practically educational and imminently personal, this book will help you cleanse your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies and may play an unprecedented role in uplifting the wider spiritual and cultural communities. A powerful and empowering read!”
—Rasamayi, yogini, teacher, and internationally-renowned sound healing musician


Turtle Wisdom Personal Illumination Cards 

A Gift that says, "I believe in you!"

The Personal Illumination Cards help build confidence, personal trust, a belief in the overall good of life and your precious, evolving self. Whimsically illustrated, in full-color, this 44-card deck and guidebook will support both the inexperienced and mature spiritual travelers on their personal development path. To order your illumination cards, email your request to 


A Masterful Life is one in which you access and express your truest being

On Weaving the World Radio
Donna shares an ancient story about how we all contribute to the web of life

Creating a masterful life involves conscious choice and purposeful actions. It is about having a healthy body, a sound mind, financial prosperity, rich relationships, and meaningful life expression:

Whoever you are,
wherever you are,
whatever is going on in your life,
this is the call
come home
to yourself.
- Excerpt from Turtle Wisdom

A masterful life provides a healthy body, a sound mind, financial prosperity, rich relationships, and meaningful life expression.

"Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself" 

Finalist in the Self-Help: Motivational category of the National Best Books 2007 Awards, (second only to "The Secret"),
Silver Mom's Choice Award Winner 2009,
EVVY Merit Award

Turtle Wisdom is a nurturing companion for all of life's changes. Order your copy of this transformational book today and receive a special price when you gift a friend. Now being published internationally in 8 countries. That turtle is gaining momentum!

Donna can assist you in creating a Masterful Life:

  • Explore your own "wilderness" to discover uncharted, natural beauty.

  • Attention and care for tender wounds - there is insight found through healing

  • Ongoing opportunities to learn practical tools for enriched daily living through a supportive community sharing deep and meaningful activities


Embrace the fullness of life as you add
your unique contribution to the beautiful tapestry of creation
Awaken a Masterful Life!


With a fictional piece that girls love, and confidence-building activities that adults appreciate,
"Ophelia's Oracle: Discovering the Healthy, Happy, Self-Aware, and Confident Girl in the Mirror"

  • A full-color design includes the delightful story of 12-year-old Ophelia, who explores her emerging sense of self

  • Ancient feminine wisdom stories lead Ophelia to discover the relevance these stories hold today

  • 15 national and international awards for excellence including the Mom's Choice Gold, Nautilus Silver, and COVR Gold,
    Grand Prize third place INDIE for all non-fiction books!

  • Co-authored with story-teller, Tina Proctor

  • First book in a motivational girls' series (10 - 17). Women love it, too!

  • Boulder inspirational artist, Sue Lion, contributes original designs

  • Art, poetry, lyrics, and musings by the girls themselves

  • A fabulous gift for the special girl in your life (even if she is the one inside!)


Empowerment Coach, Donna DeNomme, and Storyteller, Tina Proctor, would love to design a unique program for your group or event!

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You Get You! Book by Donna DeNomme Ophellia's Oracle
An endearing book of comfort, encouragement, inspiration, and strategies for empowered living...

"A gift of power, self-esteem, and light"
for girls 10 – 16
women love it, too!